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Statseeker SDN for Cisco ACI FAQ

What are the hardware requirements?

Already have a Statseeker server? There are no additional hardware requirements for ACI Monitoring with your existing Statseeker server. Statseeker’s ACI Monitoring module can be applied to your existing Statseeker Subscription license.

Not a current Statseeker user? If you want Statseeker to monitor your physical network in addition to your ACI environments hardware, then refer to the requirements detailed in the table below:

If you are intending to use Statseeker to only monitor your Cisco ACI environment(s) and not additionally monitor your physical network, then adhere to the requirements for a smallnetwork detailed above. This requirement is adequate for both any size ACI fabric deployment, and for the monitoring of multiple ACI environments from a single Statseeker server.

For details on Statseeker licensing, and acquiring the Cisco ACI Monitoring module, please contact your regional sales representative for a quote.

What gets monitored?

Statseeker provides monitoring and stock reports for:

  • ACI Health – APIC reported, overall ACI deployment health metric
  • APIC Details – make-up (pods, nodes, spines, tenants etc.) that comprise your ACI deployment
  • ACI Nodes– node details and health
  • ACI Bridging Domains– bridging domain details and health
  • ACI Private Networks – VRF details and tenant health
  • ACI Client Endpoint and Application Details – endpoint configuration with tenant and application health
What is the Statseeker differentiator?

By default the Cisco ACI platform will update its health metrics for display every 5 minutes, and store that data for 2 weeks before ageing and removing historical data. Statseeker improves on every aspect of the default Cisco ACI monitoring and:

  • Can query your Cisco ACI environment every minute for updated data with no performance impact on your ACI fabric
  • Will never ‘roll-up’ or average the data, providing a one-minute data granularity for as long as you need
  • Provides the ability to setup and monitor thresholds on Cisco ACI metrics, triggering targeted alerts when those thresholds are breached
  • Provides trend and forecasting capabilities on Cisco ACI metrics allowing you to proactively perform capacity analysis on your Cisco ACI environment

By using Statseeker to monitor your ACI, you will maintain a complete history of your migration into ACI, and the evolution of your ACI environment over time.

Can I threshold and alert on ACI/APIC metrics?

Yes, all ACI metrics monitored by Statseeker are available for threshold and alert creation, as well as anomaly detection and data forecasting.

Can I create custom reports in addition to the default ACI reports?

Creating ACI custom reports in the Custom Reporting Console is exactly the same as creating reports for any other data-type. If you are unfamiliar with the Custom Reporting Console, refer to the Reporting section in the documentation library for help and examples.

Can I use Grafana to produce reports on Statseeker’s ACI data?

Yes. Statseeker offers:

  • A dedicated Statseeker-Grafana datasource to seamlessly integrate with your existing Grafana server
  • Pre-configured ACI and APIC dashboards featuring reports covering both the configuration, and the health, of your ACI environments
Can I monitor multiple ACI environments?

Yes, a single Statseeker server can monitor multiple ACI fabric environments simultaneously.