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Network Monitoring Solutions

Statseeker Network Monitoring

SDN Monitoring for Cisco ACI

The Statseeker Difference

  • Find and fix problems more quickly with 5x faster polling (60 seconds) and ultra-fast reporting, drill-down and navigation.
  • Collect historical data you can actually use. Unlike other tools, Statseeker never rolls up or averages your historical data – it’s always on line in its original resolution, saved as far back in time as you want. So you have high-quality historical data for analysis and forensics.
  • Monitor more of your network, at lower cost. Statseeker is much easier to manage, and its server footprint is 10x smaller than competing solutions. Monitor up to 1,000,000 network ports from a single server.
  • Build custom solutions quickly and inexpensively by leveraging Statseeker’s RESTful API.

Advanced Analytics

Statseeker provides deeper insight through powerful analytics such as anomaly detection, data forecasting, and trendlines. Anomaly detection allows for comparison of current data to historical patterns, highlighting variance from normal behaviors. Statseeker has the unique ability to analyze historical data and forecast the most likely pattern that will be seen in the future.

Enhanced Visibility

Statseeker provides a wide range of device metrics for collection and analysis. This allows for greater network visibility and access to advanced device data. The types of data collected range from firewall connection monitoring to Cisco class-based QoS information. In addition thresholds and alerts can be set on data, and analytics reports can be run for further evaluation.

Upgraded Security

Statseeker is dedicated to continually improving security. User accounts can be enabled with administration rights for greater accessibility and accountability. Statseeker supports secure (authenticated) connections to mail servers. OS-level patches are promptly incorporated into Statseeker for known vulnerabilities such as Spectre and Meltdown.

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