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What does Statseeker poll?

Statseeker polls different objects and stores values at different rates depending on the type of data, its relative importance, the likely number of the objects on the network and the likely frequency that the data is going to change.

SLA Reporting

SLA reporting can be used to confirm that SLA targets are being met, and by what margin (for insight into future network design and infrastructure requirements) as well as to highlight the most unreliable elements, and areas, in your network.

SLA reporting
Trendline Analysis

Trendline plotting is a common practice within statistical analysis. The trendline works by plotting a ‘line-of-best-fit’ across all data points in the reporting period, the result being a single line representing the trend found within the data with the slope of the line representing the direction and strength of the trend.

Trend Analysis
Data Forecasting

Statseeker forecasting refers to using your data history to provide some insight into your data future; particularly useful for capacity planning. Statseeker analyzes your historical data for the metric being forecast and returns a data range for each reporting period across the forecast duration.

Data forecasting
Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection allows you to confirm whether or not the data being reported is out of the ordinary. This is achieved by comparing the current data against the previous 6 months of historical data, and returning a single value indicating how unusual the current data is.

anomaly detect
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