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Tom Caldwell Joins Statseeker as CTO

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Tom Caldwell is now Statseeker’s CTO. Tom’s visionary leadership, technical abilities, customer focus and vision are already being felt.

Tom joined Techniche as Group CTO with responsibilities for Statseeker and Urgent Technologies’ R&D.

When I asked Tom “why Statseeker?” he said, “my passion has always been in the area of software engineering and building meaningful high-value technology from lightweight, innovative solutions. In the last year, while consulting on cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity, I came across Statseeker and was impressed with their leadership, customer base and ability to massively scale in Fortune 100 software-defined (SDN) and legacy networks including the largest retailers, financial institutions and governments.”

“Statseeker’s industry leadership for monitoring up to a million network interfaces on a single virtual appliance (VM) for the Fortune 100 is undeniable, “he continued. “While other network management companies require a server for maybe 15,000 interfaces, Statseeker can manage the core including the WAN edges with a single VM with one-minute granularity!”

Clearly Tom’s background, technical skills and excitement about Statseeker cannot be understated. Welcome Tom!

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