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Tired of unexplained downtime?

Don’t wait for an emergency. Know your network.

Do more
with less

Your network is the backbone of your business. Without real-time monitoring and customized alerts, your network downtime could go unnoticed.
Statseeker monitors your network, alerts you when something isn’t right and helps predict your future network needs and potential issues.
Statseeker is fast, polling at 60-second intervals and using a unique caching architecture to ensure reports come up in seconds, even with months’ worth of data.
The Statseeker solution is a productive, scalable, fast and flexible network monitoring solution that delivers real-time results from a minimal server footprint.

Technology partners

Get the most out of your Statseeker Solution with our integrated technology partners.

Grafana is a leader in open source metric analytics and visualization software solutions.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking.

Splunk is a great tool for managing and interrogating data from multiple data-sources.